ARCHIVES: WPKN playlist — 12/27/09: Post-holiday letting loose

This pre-Franorama World post is from my MySpace blog Dec. 28, 2009, 3:56 p.m. EST:

Well, I had to pull myself away from a great party last night to do radio — one of my old pub trivia pals in New Haven, Tommy, called me during my Christmas-night show to invite me, and I saw a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in years — but it turned out rather well.

It was the “Making Something out of Nothing” fill-in edition of Franorama — i filled in for my friend Rod Richardson, the host of “Radio Nothing” — and got to do one of the few remaining four-hour shifts on WPKN. And while it was fun to share my Christmas tunes the previous two shows, it was great to be able to let loose on the rest of my stack o’tunes. (Before I came home last month, I ripped over 50 mixdiscs, including seven of my Christmas discs, to my laptop and reconstituted them back here in Prospect. Ripped 10 more CDs of soul mixdiscs back in Fresno and brought them back to disc form here this time.)

Time flies when you’re having fun.

The opening set went about 45 minutes — snap! — like that. The first set, I alternated between tunes by my favorite group, The Fleshtones, and Texas psychedelic legend Roky Erickson, the onetime 13th Floor Elevators frontman who stands alongside Brian Wilson as rock’n’roll’s greatest reclamation/redemption projects. (You owe it to yourself to see the 2007 documentary about him, “You’re Gonna Miss Me.”) Roky and The ‘shtones are playing New Year’s night at Southpaw in Brooklyn, and you damn well better believe I’m gonna be there. (Talk about a great way to start a year …)

Other points of interest:

* I played three songs back-to-back, all relatively obscure soul tunes circa 1967: “Somebody Somewhere Needs You” by Ike & Tina Turner, “Go for Yourself” by Larry Laster and “Lighten Up Baby” by Ty Karim. Three distinctly different songs, three different acts — but each song has the same exact instrumental backing track! I wish I knew a Northern soul aficionado who knows how all three of those songs ended up with the same backing track …

* The Soft Cell Original Version Mini-Set — “Tainted Love” by Gloria Jones and “What” by Judy Street (with a little extra whipped cream: Gloria’s Motownish 1966 version of The Dell-Vikings’ “Come Go With Me”) …

* The song that preceded the three similar soul tunes. It was maybe the most blatant bit of sampling in the history of pop music, over a decade before the hip-hoppers made it fashionable — Brenton Wood’s 1968 version of “Psychotic Reaction,” the 1966 Count Five psych/garage classic. The producer basically boosted the entire instrumental track — guitar, bass and drums — from the Count Five version, then layered Brenton’s vocal track and some organ scribblings over it. How much would the Count Five be able to win in court for that today? But it made for a most interesting cover version, a rare intersection of soul and garage …

Anyway, I’ll be doing one more fill-in show before I fly back to California: this Thursday, New Year’s Eve, 1-4 p.m. EST/10 a.m.-1 p.m. PST, on WPKN (89.5 FM, easily streamable on I’ll be subbing again for Peter Bochan. Anyway, here’s what you missed (and you did miss a killer show, aided by a huge jolt of Dunkin’ Donuts caffeine):

American Beat ’84 (the Franorama national anthem) — The Fleshtones
You’re Gonna Miss Me — The 13th Floor Elevators
First Date (Are You Coming on to Me) — The Fleshtones
Don’t Shake Me Lucifer — Roky Erickson
Theme From “The Vindicators” — The Fleshtones
She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) — The 13th Floor Elevators
Never Grew Up — The Fleshtones
If You Have Ghosts — Roky Erickson
I Wanna Feel Something Now — The Fleshtones
Bermuda — Roky Erickson
Critical List — The Fleshtones
Don’t Slander Me — Roky Erickson
I Am What I Am — The Fleshtones
Starry Eyes — Roky Erickson

I Adore Him — The Angels
Can’t You See (You’re Losing Me) — Mary Wells
Social End Product — The Bluestars
Psychotic Reaction — Brenton Wood
Somebody Somewhere Needs You — Ike & Tina Turner
Go for Yourself — Larry Laster
Lighten Up Baby — Ty Karim

Walls Come Tumbling Down — The Style Council
Just Got Lucky — JoBoxers
Better Homes and Gardens — The Reducers
Banks of the Hudson — Black 47
Baby Hit and Run (“A Cellarful of Motown” alternate version) — The Contours
Born to Lose — The Heartbreakers
That’s What I Want — Syng McGowan

Flash and Crash — Rocky & the Riddlers
Fight Fire — The Golliwogs (from ’66, two years before they changed their name to Creedence Clearwater Revival)
A Someday Fool — MG & the Escorts
I Wanna Hold Your Hand — The Smithereens
She Told Me Lies — The Chesterfield Kings
You Get Your Kicks — Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels
She Loves You — Alvin & the Chipmunks
Midnight to Six Man — The Pretty Things
Guns of Navarone — Blue Rivers & the Maroons
No Reasons to Complain — The Lyres
This Damn Nation — The Godfathers
Falling Sugar — The Palace Guard

Downtown — Petula Clark
Sophisticated Sissy — Rufus Thomas
Open the Door to Your Heart — Darrell Banks
Funnel of Love (2003 version) — Wanda Jackson w/The Cramps
I’m a Loser — The Beatles
Rockin’ Bird — Hi Fye (from “The Flintstones”)
Tainted Love — Gloria Jones
What — Judy Street
Slow Motion — Blondie
Come Go With Me — Gloria Jones

I Roped the Moon out of the Sky — Blake Jones & the Trike Shop
It’s Love, Come What May — The Bobby Fuller Four
I Can’t Make It on Time — Ramones
You Can Make It — Richard & the Young Lions
Cheated and Lied — The Vipers
Oh How to Do Now — the monks
Street Survivor — The Flaming Sideburns
Little Pink Medicine — The Swingin’ Neckbreakers
Stop Beating Around the Bush — The Velvelettes
I Can’t Stay Mad at You — Skeeter Davis
Do I Love You — Chris Clark

Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl? — The Barbarians
Right Now and Not Later — The Shangri-La’s
A Girl Like You — Edwyn Collins
Floy Joy — The Supremes
You Don’t Love Me — Kim & Grim
Yawn — APB
Mary Mary — The Monkees
Keeping Time — Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents

All Good Things — The Remains


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