Bye bye, COBRA …

Well, as of midnight, we’re into September, and two-thirds of the way through 2010.

And as of midnight, I joined the ranks of the medically uninsured.

My COBRA payment, which was $240 a month up to this point — which was up from $203 last year — was going to jump to $687 a month.

Who the hell can afford $687 a month on an unemployment check?

My mother has been chipping in (And how pathetic is that — a 49-year-old getting financial help from her elderly mother?), and will continue to do so, and I’ll just bank the money I was using for COBRA and put it toward future doctor visits.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks tying up loose medical ends: getting a crown to fix a long-broken tooth; getting replacement parts for my sleep apnea breathing machine. The doctor in charge of my hormones already told me she’s putting me on a sliding scale. So that’s all taken care of.

But now I’m to the point where if I have one bad thing happen to me, I’m just screwed. I can imagine being taken to a hospital and being turned away. Or facing bills I’ll never be able to pay. If something happens to me, they might as well just kill me then and there — decrease the surplus population and all that.

And so the slippery slope continues, with no end in sight …


One Response to “Bye bye, COBRA …”

  1. jmucci Says:

    That sucks big time!! I haven’t had insurance for years. Thank God nothing has happened to me in all that time, but all it would take for me is one bad thing, just like in your case. It’s very scary.

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