Dangerous driver alert: Red-light runner vs. bicyclist

Hi. Just using the only weapons I have at my disposal right now — information and a blog:

Just got back to the house and want to let you know about a dangerous driver who blew a red light and almost hit me on my bike — then went on without a shred of remorse.

At 4:55 p.m., I was sitting at the light on Fulton at Divisadero (the Iron Bird intersection). Our light turned green, and just as I was heading into the intersection, a driver heading west on Divisadero rolled through her red — didn’t even slow down — and just missed hitting me:

White Chrysler 300, very well-kept

California plate 6KUZ392

Driver: Female, long dark hair, possibly Hispanic, 30s-40s, medium to large build. Was wearing shades, so I didn’t get a look at her eyes.

I took off after her, and she was stopped behind traffic at the light the next block down.

“Hey!” I yelled as I pulled along her passenger side. “You ran the red and you almost hit me!’

She looked at me, shrugged me off and then pulled away, headed toward H Street and points north.

A simple “I’m sorry; I won’t do it again” would have probably sufficed. This excuse parading as a human, however, showed not one bit of remorse for almost injuring someone else. Given that, I would imagine she would’ve done a hit-and-run had it come to that.

She left too quickly for me to take a photo of her plate, and for a brief second I considered calling the cops. But given other friends’ experiences with them, I figured they would have laughed or told me they had more important things to do. No blood, no foul, after all …

Of course, no one would have laughed had I — and without health insurance — been hit by this evil thing. And as I said, had she hit me, given her reaction, I figure she probably would’ve run from the scene.

So anyway, as I said, I’m using the only two weapons at my disposal — info and my blog. I’m not advocating taking any actions or doing anything violent — that’s not my way. But just keep an eye open if you see a woman with long dark hair driving a white 300.


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