Five Songs, Episode 1

Hi. Just for shits and giggles — and because I’m a music fiend, and because it’s Friday — I think I’m gonna start a new regular feature: Five Songs.

No rhyme or reason — just five songs each week that have somehow stuck in my head, with links wherever possible. Maybe they’ll provoke some thinking or exploring on your end. Maybe they’ll make you smile, laugh, cry, hurl, groan or just scratch your head.

So here goes … the first installment of Five Songs. Happy Friday:


5 Responses to “Five Songs, Episode 1”

  1. jmucci Says:

    I’ve had West End Girls stuck in my head the past day or so….and I’m trying to think if any other songs have been dancing around in the recesses of my brain….?? Not really, but as I write this, for some reason, Lust for Life (Iggy) just came flooding in…

  2. May Voirrey Says:

    Suddenly, I’m reminded of “High Fidelity.” Not in a bad way.

  3. Michael Barone Says:

    Hey Fran,
    I like your new 5 songs of the week feature. For some reason, all week long, I’ve been thinking of the following 5 songs:

    He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)-The Crystals
    Beechwood Park-The Zombies
    Weeping Annileah-Tom Jones
    Lady Grinning Soul-David Bowie
    It’s Raining Again-Scott Walker

    I really have no idea how or why these songs popped into my head but I’m certain there is a subconscious reason.

    Love, MB

  4. Diana Mercer Says:

    It’s Monk Time!

    For me, it’s like I’ve got a soundtrack in my head. Like as soon as I thought that, “My life’s so dramatic it oughta have a sound track” popped into my head.

    So next time we’re together, surprise me and ask me what song’s running through my head. LOL

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