New to the Blogroll: Now That I’m All Grown Up

It’s been a while since I’ve added someone new to my Blogroll, and while I’ve known her for some time, it wasn’t until a couple nights ago that I found out she has a blog.

Now That I’m All Grown Up is from the mind and laptop of Miriam Widenham. Miriam is not only my favorite bartender, playing den mother to a bunch of us overgrown adolescents four nights a week at the Landmark, in Fresno’s Tower District, but she’s been a very staunch and supportive friend to me since I came out, and sometimes I’ll stay late, after most of the other customers have left, just to talk.

Miriam came to the States from Vietnam as a very young child and saw her mom put herself through college, get a Master’s and become a Presbyterian minister. (And Miriam is pretty damn smart, too — she has her BA in English Lit from Fresno State.) Her blog chronicles the life of a woman in her mid-30s who is navigating the dual worlds of single motherhood and spirituality. Miriam is a seeker, and when she’s not tending to her Sophia or to the grown-up kids at the Landmark, she’s delving heavily into her Christian faith and exploring its role in her life.

In short, she’s a wonderful person, and for those of you who might think otherwise, she’s proof that Christianity and coolness are not mutually exclusive. (Her ready embrace of this transgirl and a plethora of gay/lesbian friends speaks volumes.) And if you’re a mom, or a seeker in general, I think you’ll get something out of what she has to say. Drop in on her and say hi sometime.


One Response to “New to the Blogroll: Now That I’m All Grown Up”

  1. Miriam Says:

    Franny! Thank you for the props my friend. I’m all faklempt now!! Really. I love you Fran and I’m so proud of you.

    But I do need to note: I was never in the MFA. Wish I was though! My BA is in English Lit. and I’m going the teaching route.

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