Five Songs, Episode 3

Well, it’s up a little late today with good reason, which I might eventually divulge, but here are this week’s Five Songs — chosen at random because — well, that’s what random is all about, right? Happy weekend …

Smithers-Jones — The Jam

East Side Story — Bob Seger & the Last Heard

If This World Were Mine — Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Baby, I Need You — T.J. Williams and Two Shades of Soul

Friend, You’ve Got to Fall — Husker Du


One Response to “Five Songs, Episode 3”

  1. nite grooves Says:

    One of the song’s on your list caught my eye because of a recent music listening experience. Earlier this week, a friend from Slovenia sent me a link and asked me to listen to a set of tracks his brother had uploaded to Listening led to the discovery of this amazing female voice which in turn led me to stumble upon, as I searched to identify the artist.

    A search of the title Reckless Girl returned that The Beginerz (2002) Reckless Girl had sampled Irene Reid’s (1971) I Must Be Doing Something Right. So now a few days later, I decided to do another search using your song, If This World Were Mine. As with my previous query, I found that this song had only been sampled once but then I decided to do search by artist. Can you guess how many times the artist Marvin Gaye has been sampled? More times than I’d realized that’s for sure but I’ll let you see for yourself 🙂

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