Love those fortune cookies, Part 8

Well, it doesn’t matter what side of the country I’m eating on — Chinese fortune cookie fortunes are vague, yet singularly profound, in either place.

Friday night, I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant — House of Chao, or House of Chaos as I sometimes call it, in the Westville section of New Haven — with my old Westville neighbor and rock’n’roll pal, Chip Damiani. (Chip was the drummer for legendary ’60s Boston rockers The Remains, who shoulda been the American Beatles. And the week before, the band was honored by younger generations with a Hall of Fame award at the Boston Music Awards.)

It’s not just me, because Chip also drew a fortune that spoke to his life. But here’s what I opened:

“Patience is the key to joy.”

All those years my mom would tell me growing up, “Patience is a virtue of which you have none.” Well, the last couple of years, I’ve had no choice but to be patient, and now I sense — well, at least I hope I do — some of that joy bubbling beneath the surface. Guess I have to be patient just a little longer …


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