Dear Santa …

Hi Santa. I know you’ve been busy, and you have a kazillion letters to deal with already from every good boy and girl in the world. I hope you have room for one more letter.

I’m not asking for anything you have to stuff in your overstuffed sleigh.

Can you please send me a job? A good one?

I’ve been a very good girl this year. I was one last year, too, and I asked you for a job, but I didn’t get one. I didn’t think it was too much to ask. Maybe you just didn’t get my letter — and I’m sure you got a lot of letters from a lot of other good boys and girls asking for the same thing.

I really could use a car, too — new or used in good shape — but I know that’s definitely too much to ask for. But this present won’t take up any room in your sleigh or add to the elves’ workload. And I know if I got a job again, I could eventually afford to replace my car, which is on its last legs.

I just want to be working again, in a place where people are decent and respectful and the bosses will treat me like a human being and pay me like one, too. I want to feel useful again. I want to feel human again. I don’t want to be useless anymore. I don’t want to rely on friends and family anymore. I don’t want to feel embarrassment or failure anymore.

The other kids tell me you don’t exist. I say you do. Can you come through for me this year so I can tell everyone once and for all that you’re truly real? Can you please make a stop on Saturday morning?

Have a safe trip.




2 Responses to “Dear Santa …”

  1. It's Drew! Says:

    You’re not useless at all Frannie. You’re an inspiration, and I think that’s pretty damn useful.

  2. Jody Says:

    Santa, baby, give a job to our fav’rit Fran
    Yo, man
    She’s been an angel all year

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