WPKN Playlist — 12/21/10: Happy Christmas, Happy Solstice

So I guess it’s all uphill from here.

Yesterday afternoon, I did my first fill-in of this visit home on my beloved WPKN (89.5 FM, wpkn.org) from 3-6 p.m. EST — meaning it was the last show of the fall, as the winter solstice officially began at 6:38. (And thanks to Val and Rod Richardson …)

So I only got to do one Christmas fill-in this year, but sometimes you appreciate these things more when you do them less. Case in point: For the second straight year, thanks to unemployment, I didn’t have a place to pitch my Christmas trees and put up ornaments. But I did get to hang the one decoration that really counts: My folks left my favorite ornament from childhood — a beach ball-type globe, with mirrored strips of red, yellow and blue alternating with flocked white — to hang when I got home last week.

It was fun to be back behind the board. It was the first time I incorporated my laptop into the mix, something I’ll do more in the future. And it’s always great to play tunes and see who pops up on the phone.

But I’m still in a weird inbetweenie phase as far as my gender transition. I tried out the newish voice on the air, but it sounded inconsistent. And I chickened out on coming out over the air because I just didn’t feel ready yet — I’m not sure whether to go that far unless I’m coming back here for good.

But I’ll have more chances. I fill in for Peter Bochan on Thursday, Dec. 30, noon-3 EST (9 a.m.-noon PST), and a couple of other staffers have asked as well. We’ll see where life leads me.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s what you missed (or not):

  • What Child Is This? — Ray Charles
  • Electric Train — NRBQ
  • Christmas Wish — NRBQ
  • Swiss Colony Beef Log — Eric Cartman
  • Sock It to Me Santa — Bob Seger & the Last Heard
  • The Best Darn Present in the Whole Wide World — Jon Aley
  • Swingin’ Drummer Boy — Asleep at the Wheel


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