Love those fortune cookies, Part 9

So my first post of 2011 is one of extreme optimism. Go figure …

This is the time of year when hope springs anew — when a lousy year ends, with the slate wiped clean and the prospects of the coming year being a lot better. Then again, the Pittsburgh Pirates begin each season at 0-0, too, just like every other team …

I went out New Year’s night for a return engagement with my favorite Chinese restaurant, House of Chao, in the Westville section of New Haven. Drew, one of my dearest friends, who lives a few blocks from the place, rounded up me and four other friends for a family-style dinner.

And I was hoping this time to have their incredible steamed vegetable dumplings. Last time, I was disappointed that they didn’t have any, even early on a Friday evening. (This is not an uncommon occurrence, and was for all the years I lived here — the owner still doesn’t seem to get it.) And, well, last night they didn’t have any dumplings at all, veggie or otherwise.

But wait — Pedro the waiter found two left in the back room! Two veggie dumplings. OK, cool — that was a nice bit of luck. And Drew graciously gave them to me and Corrine, another friend who was back from out West, who left for New Mexico this morning. And it was culinary paradise.

And the company was great. And then, time for the fortune cookies. Drew let me pick off the plate o’six first. I wanted to see what sort of fortune I would come up with, choosing at random from such a relatively high number of cookies.

There really are no coincidences with fortune cookie fortunes. Here’s what I got:

“You will find luck when you come home.”

I don’t know whether that means home as in here, back in Connecticut, or home as in California. I don’t consider California home, so I’m hoping that means here. As in now that the holiday break is ending, someone will call me this week for a job interview, while I’m still here. Or maybe the MegaMillions drawing will come up with my numbers, with the jackpot at $290 million Tuesday night. Or maybe the “Jeopardy!” contestant crew will call. Or maybe a sugar mama will want a sweet chica like me.

As I said, hope springs anew. Play ball! And knock on wood …


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