Five Songs, Part 13

Back in California and time to let loose an unusually fiery edition of Five Songs. Maybe it’s because I’m full of energy after four weeks with the family and friends back East and going all-out against my lingering unemployment situation. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in a coffee shop where the owner thinks we all should be subjected to the same modern “jazz” shit she likes. (The Sirius/XM channel is called “Watercolors” — I call it “Waterboarding.” And she has threatened to fire any employee who changes the station.)

But whatever the reason — and from looking at me at the moment, you’d never know — I’m in a loud, restless, fierce mood. And for what it’s worth, four of the five songs are from Scandinavia (three from Sweden, one from Finland), where one doesn’t expect to hear such loud, good stuff — and where bands seem to know the history and spirit of American rock’n’roll that Americans don’t even know, or have forgotten.

So here goes. Eardrums beware. And fuck “Waterboarding” any way to Sunday:

Ain’t No Square — The Creeps

Main Offender — The Hives

The Way You Touch My Hand — The Nomads

Street Survivor — The Flaming Sideburns

All the Way — Ramones


One Response to “Five Songs, Part 13”

  1. ERic Says:

    Nice choices! you got the Scandinavian beat!

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