Love those fortune cookies, Part 10

I did something spur-of-the-moment last night: went back to this Chinese buffet in Fresno, Yen Ching, that was my go-to for a long time but which I hadn’t visited in months. (Must’ve been a spontaneous craving for the braised meatballs and the walnut shrimp.)

Anyway, the food hadn’t changed — and neither had my uncanny knack for finding a vague, general fortune cookie fortune that somehow spoke to something specific in my life. So here’s what this one read:

“Your friends will soon give you a great surprise.”

I thought I got my surprise already. Just over two weeks ago, while home for the holidays, I broke down and finally swallowed the big jug of Kool-Aid that is Facebook. (I’d like to blame Paola, one of my dearest friends, for the final noodge toward The World’s Biggest Time-Suck, but I guess I’m a grown adult now — I take full responsibility.)

The surprise is how many people have come crawling out of every available piece of woodwork. Better yet, how many people who hadn’t seen me in years found me, had no idea what I’ve been through the past three years, saw my profile — saw I was a little, er, different than last they saw me — and still sent me invites. That says volumes.

So that’s been my pleasant surprise. Or is there another one coming? Well, if I know what it is, it won’t be a surprise, now, will it? Best to put it out of my mind. Besides, the Facebook surprise has been pretty good so far …


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