Five Songs, Part 17

Hi. Here are this week’s Five Songs — things that just seem to fall from the remote corners of my brain. Sometimes they’re up front, simmering just beneath the surface. Like the last song on the list — “Going Nowhere,” by the ’60s Spanish group Los Bravos, one of their follow-ups to “Black Is Black.”

On the surface, it’s a killer pop song that worked its way into a cheesy Spanish romantic comedy film called “Los Chicos con Las Chicas.” Listen to the lyrics, though, and, well, they speak loud and clear to the current state of my life. And if any of my musician friends are listening, I want to record my own version, nudge nudge wink wink …

Anyway, that’s the news. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow …

Here We Go Again — Those Melvins

Moons of Jupiter — Scruffy the Cat

Baby Come Back — The Equals

Sixteen Tons — Frankie Laine

Going Nowhere — Los Bravos


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