Love those fortune cookies, Part 13

Well, I hope 13’s a lucky number.

I went to dinner the other night at the Golden in the Tower District, came away with enough leftover asparagus and salmon over chow mein noodles to carry me well into the next day.

I keep getting these signals from the universe that something big’s about to happen. I say that every Monday morning — “Something big’s gonna happen this week.” And in the end I’m disappointed. It’s like that classic Bugs Bunny Robin Hood short, where the big, oafish Little John tells Bugs, “Ah, don’t you worry, never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here!” And eventually, Bugs gets fed up and says, “Ahhhhh, you’ve been sayin’ that all through da picture!”

Except in my case, Errol Flynn hasn’t shown up yet saying “Welcome to Sherwood!”

Well, maybe this is finally the week Mr. Flynn swings onto the branch in front of me to cheerily welcome me to the next wonderful phase of my life.

Here’s what the fortune cookie said the other night:

“When the flowers bloom, so will great joy in your life.”

Everything being relative, I don’t know whether that means bloom time in Fresno, where the Blossom Trail is reaching full swing, or back in the Northeast, where my father tells me the snow will probably finally melt in July.

Here’s to many blooms. And soon. ‘Cause I’m tired of saying that all through the damn picture.


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