Five Songs, Part 23

Time for Five Songs. It’s been a busy and stressful week, so I’ve been light on the writing, but here’s the songlist, anyway …

I do my damndest not to make this a themed feature of my blog, save for Christmastime, but earlier in the week, war weighed heavily on my mind.

As the week opened, our forces bombed Libya to raging indifference from a citizenry that’s been numbed senseless by military involvement in two other intractable places, in fighting that only seems to profit the profiteers.

And dozens of protesters — including Daniel Ellsberg — were arrested at Quantico protesting our government’s treatment of Bradley Manning. (And whatever you think of him — traitor, this generation’s Ellsberg, whatever — our military’s treatment of him, with the tacit approval of  Cheney Obama, is an outrageous embarrassment for a country that’s supposed to be the beacon and shining example to all those burgeoning democracies around the world.)

So yeah — war is weighing heavily. Among the other piles of shit we have to deal with. And it’s crept its way into Five Songs this week:

Where the Rose Is Sown — Big Country

Some Mother’s Son — The Kinks

Handsome Johnny — Richie Havens

At the Height of the Fighting — Heaven 17

English Civil War — The Clash


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