Five Songs, Part 24

OK, I swear Five Songs isn’t going to start becoming theme central. But as this week draws to a close, I’m waiting to hear back on the out-of-town job interview I had Wednesday. I won’t know anything until early-to-mid-next week. Anyway, four of the five songs hit me in the car on the drive back to Fresno. The other was the song running through my mind while I was getting dressed.

And yeah, there are two Replacements songs. That was accidental, and I swear it won’t happen again. Or maybe it will. But I do know it has absolutely nothing to do with my old high school pal Gorman Bechard screening the world premiere of his ‘Mats documentary, “Color Me Obsessed,” to some rave reviews (at least on IMDB) at Tampa’s Gasparilla Film Festival the previous weekend. “Dose of Thunder” popped out of nowhere in the personal mental jukebox, in true Five Songs fashion; “Can’t Hardly Wait” was the byproduct of thinkin’ ’bout songs about waiting.

You won’t hear these two songs in the film. (Or any ‘Mats song. Gorman did a music docu without a note of music — nor with the band appearing on screen. The ‘Mats are his god, and after all, you can’t see or hear your god, can you?) But you can hear them here:

(And BTW: Since I finished up my list, I thought of another waiting song, so here ya go — a bonus six-song Five Songs:

The Waiting — Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Anticipation — Carly Simon

Can’t Hardly Wait — The Replacements

The Wait — The Pretenders

Dose of Thunder — The Replacements

Just Can’t Wait — The J. Geils Band


2 Responses to “Five Songs, Part 24”

  1. brewsteru Says:

    I’m waiting w/ you, pal. Still wearing that St. Joseph medal, which I believe has now convinced Russ I’m a superstitious ninny.

  2. jmucci Says:

    Gorman Bechard… I remember that name… from like 20+ years ago. Did I think his name was Gordon though?

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