Five Songs, Part 26

I resolve to have a post up in the coming week. Still on pins and needles about the job hunt and my personal race against time, and I’ve been starting to channel my writing on something bigger. Plus, I feel like crap. But I can’t not post Five Songs, can I? Here you go — and a spirited bunch this is, including something from the new Smithereens album, “Oceans 2011”:

Drivin’ Me Mad — The Three Degrees

Rose Garden — Southern Culture on the Skids

Sorry — The Smithereens

Fight Fire — The Golliwogs (from 1966, before they changed their name to Creedence Clearwater Revival)

The Story in Your Eyes — The Moody Blues


4 Responses to “Five Songs, Part 26”

  1. blake Says:

    I’ve always loved the change-up of rhythms on the Moody Blues song where he sings “is the music to the story in your eyes”…It’s a quality I find a lot in Regina Spektors music, and it’s all over hip-hop. More ‘pop’ songwriters should incorporate this methinks.

  2. blake Says:

    Never heard the Golliwogs! Dang Fogerty’s already got the wicked guitar tone going.–and the Southern Culture song?…never heard these guys either…I definitely need to pay attention and learn from this Fran person!

  3. ERic Says:

    The Suede Denim Garage Police are coming to get you for Crimes against the American Beat! The Moody Blues!
    We are pulling for you, Ruff Ruff

  4. nite grooves Says:

    The Story in Your Eyes by The Moody Blues! What a blast from the past. I grew up under the musical dictatorship of my father who only listened to classical and opera.

    So how did I discover the Moody Blues? Well I’d forgotten about this until your post but my Dad subscribed to a music service where every month he could order a new album via a reply card. The music service included all types of music not just classical but you had to send the reply card by a certain date otherwise you’d automatically be shipped the featured album.

    One month, his reply card apparently didn’t arrive on time and so when he opened his mailer, he found to his dismay that he’d been sent The Moody Blues album, Every Good Boy Deserves Favor. All primed to listen to some new music, he tentatively decided to give the album a play.

    My brother and I fell in love with this album and I don’t know how we managed to persuade him to keep it much less allow us to play it when he was home but miracles do happen and dictators do fall! (heeheehee) Needless to say, my brother and I played the hell out of this album! So thanks for the post and bringing back some happy memories! ❤

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