Love those fortune cookies, Part 15

It had been a while since I perused the sushi trough at my usual Chinese buffet place, but yesterday I just needed it. And when you need it, you just need it, you know? And I figured the fish would be especially fresh on this Monday, the day after the Mother’s Day blitz.

And since I hadn’t it the Chinese joints in a while, it meant no new, interesting, bizarrely germane fortunes.

Well, it turns out my cookie had a surprise — not a “Toy Surprise Inside!” like Cracker Jack, but two fortunes. The fact that it was the same fortune twice is irrelevant. They were both, unsurprisingly, interesting and bizarrely germane. And they both said:

“You are kind-hearted and hospitable, cheerful and well-liked.”

Well, I’ll certainly agree with everything but the cheerful part at the moment. I really need to be working again. Doubly. Enough of this shit already.


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