Five Songs, Part 35

Welcome to the final Five Songs of June.

Well, the first song, from Bobby Goldsboro from 1973, which takes place on the last day of June, came up in a friend’s discussion on her Facebook wall last week. And it’ll probably be a post at some point about music — about all those songs from the quaint, innocent ’70s that weren’t quite so innocent, and made it to top-40 radio. Back then, the song was written off the heels of the hit film “Summer of ’42,” but today we’d probably call it statutory rape.

As for two of the other songs: I was prompted to put up “Summertime’s Calling Me” by The Catalinas as a nod to my WPKN colleague Chris Frantz (of Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club), who devoted his show today to Carolinas beach music. I wasn’t up in time to hear the show, but I’m glad he chose to shine the light on beach music.

Guess I’m Dumb” comes in response to Glen Campbell’s sad revelation this week that he has Alzheimer’s. (And God, no — this has nothing to do with his condition! I just love this song. It just hit me that I could be misconstrued here.) This version came from a 1965 appearance on “Shindig!” (There’s also one of him lip-syncing the song on “Shivaree,” but the sound quality isn’t as good.) The song was written by Brian Wilson (with Russ Titelman) — and, as younger music fans might not know, Glen replaced Brian on bass in early ’65 on The Beach Boys’ first tour after Brian’s nervous breakdown.

The other two are random memory grabs from the outer brain.

And, oh hell, since there are no rules here: I know for sure Chris played this song — a 1994 summit meeting of the now-departed icons of punk and beach music — so a sixth song has just been added at the last minute. Happy weekend:

Summer (The First Time) — Bobby Goldsboro

Summertime’s Calling Me — The Catalinas

Guess I’m Dumb — Glen Campbell

We Are 138 — The Misfits

Trapped in a Love Affair — Brenda Holloway

Bonus Last-Second Sixth Fifth Song: Rockaway Beach — The Godchildren of Soul featuring Joey Ramone & General Johnson


One Response to “Five Songs, Part 35”

  1. Jody Murray Says:

    Holey moley … Bobby Goldsboro. Along with “Honey,” I remember this song all too well. “We sat on the sand / and a boy took her hand / but I saw the sunrise as a man.” It was “Hollywood Nights” without the rock tempo. Oh, and my folks were all into Glen Campbell at the time, too. Watched the “Goodtime Hour” every week. So I remember “Guess I’m Dumb” — but not as distinctly as the Goldsboro stuff. Woo.

    Enjoy the weekend, girlfriend. Have a sparkler on me.

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