Love those fortune cookies, Part 16

My visits to Chinese buffets are getting fewer and farther between — partly because of my economic straits, partly because I’m having enough of a time with the weight as it is.

But I splurged the other day, needing the creature comfort of a cheap sushi fix — just to let me know that something in my life is still is normal. And, true to form, not only did I get bloated, I got a fortune cookie message that resonated loudly.

This one’s pretty cryptic. Interpret it however you want:

“It takes everything”

Not sure how to take this one. All I know is that it’s taken “everything” to find a job that isn’t forthcoming. And it’s taken “everything” I have not to fall apart. And somehow, I have this dread feeling “everything” will never be good enough. And my situation will soon take “everything” I still have.

As I said, interpret it however you want …


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