We interrupt this unemployment …

Well, I’m not sure whether I should say something — jinxing myself, etc. — but barring any last-second glitches, I’m about to re-enter the working world. At least for now. And in a twist of something, it will be at the very same place that laid me off. Go figure.


I was asked to return to The Fresno Bee as an on-call copy editor. So, this afternoon (Sept. 9) — two years and six months minus two days day after I was let go from there as an assistant features editor, not that I’m counting or anything — I’ll sit behind a desktop and start checking punctuation, spelling, usage, facts, etc., for the next morning’s paper.

Last Thursday (Sept. 1), Kris Eldred, the Bee’s copy chief — who has been very supportive of me in both my major life changes the past couple years — emailed to ask whether I’d be interested, as she got the green light to fill two on-call positions. Last Friday, I went down to the paper and filled out the general application. Wednesday, I went through the humiliation of having to having to take a drug test just so I could work a temp job at a place where I won’t be stealing either drugs or money. And Kris called me last night. I was supposed to start Monday, but I’ll start this afternoon instead, after my (re)orientation.

I’m certainly not rusty after all this time. I’ve freelanced the past 4 1/2 months as a copy editor for a news magazine out of Southern California. And, as you can tell from my excess blogging and Facebook posting, I’m certainly savvy with social media. Just have to get used to some slightly different software again after working with Word programs all this time.

It won’t be what I was making before — after all, it’s an on-call job — but it’s a lot more money than I’ve been making lately, that’s for damn sure. It’s also not secure, but since the place is strapped for copy editors, I’m imagining there will be plenty of hours to hold me over for now.

Is this the storybook ending? Hell, no — it’s a start. It gets me back in the work world — and in the place where I last worked, alongside people I know already. And it eases me into the work world as my female self for the first time, among people who already know my wild changes and are down with me.

I’m still holding my breath until I actually walk in the building, so I haven’t allowed myself to get ecstatic. And once you’ve been laid off, there’s always the dread that it can, and will, happen again; that might be the lasting scar to come from these 2 1/2 years. But I do know that, were it not for the terrible Fresno air quality this week, I probably would’ve gotten a decent night’s sleep last night for the first time in a long time.

9 Responses to “We interrupt this unemployment …”

  1. Jay Says:

    Congrats Fran! Hey, I read your last blog, and it seems like it kind of ended where you were waiting to hear from that other job. Whatever happened with that?

    • franoramaworld Says:

      I’m still catching up on the rest of this year. That installment only got me through the end of March. Still lots of twists and dark turns and occasional rays of light to come …

      • jmucci Says:

        Well, at least you’ll be working again now, at the very least. And maybe this will be a bridge to something even greater.

  2. Jay Says:

    I’ve been working 2 part time jobs since May. One of them might end today… it was supposed to end 3 weeks ago but they extended it… whether they’ll keep extending it or not, I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out at the end of the day.
    What a way to live!

  3. Keith Hyatte Says:

    I hope the new job will give you a positive boost.
    It is just one more step into your new life in CA.
    Hopefully the people you meet and work with will
    lead to new opportunities.
    Have I told you lately that I think you are gorgeous?
    I love your photos!

  4. jmucci Says:

    They didn’t tell me the assignment was over, and my temp agency hasn’t called, so I guess I’ll walk into work today and hopefully they won’t say to me, “Oh, didn’t the agency call you? Your assignment ended.” I’ll be pissed if that happens.
    Anyhow, good luck on your new/old job!!

  5. Jim Says:

    Congrats Sis…it’s been a long road

  6. jmucci Says:

    Hey, did you see Herman Cain say (and I’m paraphrasing) that the people protesting at Occupy Wall Street should just go home and get a job?. And I guess to basically stop whining. It’s not Wall Street’s fault that they screwed up the economy and that we all have either no job or a job we are barely hanging on to. It’s OUR fault that we have no job.
    Well, he’s definitely got my vote!!

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