Lesson (re)learned at a wedding

Went to the wedding of two wonderful people, Jay and Brooke, last evening. They held it at a friend’s beautiful, estate-sized, ’50s-vintage ranch home east of here, with a sprawling, tree-canopied and gorgeous back yard where the ceremony took place. The bride was radiant to say the least, the groom was dapper and the guests were gorgeous.

And the dinner was also outside, under a chandelier hung amid a perfect sky and perfect temps. And during one of the toasts, Heather, the maid of honor — like Brooke, a local theater person of renown — told of their bonding moment, during a production Brooke was directing a few years ago. Actually, the two of them acted it out:

Brooke: Why does everything have to be so harrrd?

Heather: Because if it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be worth doing!

And as we laughed, I kinda realized that this has been the story of my life the last three or four years. And it’s probably a good way of summing up many of your lives, too.

So I came away with a pretty nifty gift of my own from the wedding …

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