Five Songs, Part 48

Was thinking of a doing a (More Than) Five (R.E.M.) Songs; we’ll see. But here’s the usual not-so-usual fare for this week.

And BTW: the Springsteen tune was a mere coincidence, a free-association from the song inspired by “Kitty’s Back.” I had forgotten that today’s his 62nd birthday. I’m sure he wasn’t thinking about his 60s when he said “When you’re getting old, these things mean something” that night in Passaic when he was just about to turn 29:

10-5-60 — The Long Ryders

Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? — Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

The Boys Are Back in Town — Thin Lizzy

Kitty’s Back (Part 1 & Part 2, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, N.J., 9/20/78) — Bruce Springsteen

Kid — The Pretenders


One Response to “Five Songs, Part 48”

  1. Jay Parks Says:

    Jerry, Terry and Rhoda…Nice pick.

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