Five Songs, Part 49

Hi, and welcome back to Five Songs, where you never know what’s gonna set some crumbling memory flake to falling from the walls of the remote reaches of the insides of my brain.

Well, the initial flake-off this week came from a friend who posted on Facebook that she was looking for some dharma. And I suggested Buck Dharma … of Blue Oyster Cult. And put up this song from the end of their golden age of leather. Dreams So Real was another serious memory flake from nowhere; “Bearing Witness” is one of those songs I’d love to record one day. And Lady Flash? Whoa — that’s one, all right. Definitely mid-’70s New York meets Motown.

Anyway, here’s the rest. Enjoy the dying hours of September:

Can’t Get Over These Memories — John and the Weirdest

Mirrors — Blue Oyster Cult

Bearing Witness — Dreams So Real

Where Have All the Good Times Gone? — The Kinks

Street Singin’ — Lady Flash


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