Five Songs, Part 51 (a whole year of Five Songs)

So I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year — dredging up five songs from the recesses of my mind every Friday and setting them loose for the universe to share. Sure enough — started Oct. 21, 2010, with the first song being “Right Now and Not Later” by The Shangri-Las.

If the math seems fuzzy (only part 51 and not 52?), it’s because I blew off the week after my birthday. But it’s a lot of Five Songs at this point. And some weeks there’s a sixth song — or, in a couple of cases, a lot of sixth songs. And by now, I’ve put together a pretty good jukebox.

Anyway, on with the show. As always, enjoy the tunes and enjoy the weekend:

Baby, Oh No — Bow Wow Wow

It’s the Little Things — Sonny & Cher

This Car of Mine — The Beach Boys

Jack the Ripper — The Raybeats

Circles — The Who


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