Love those fortune cookies, Part 17

Had nothing to do Sunday, which was my Saturday, so I treated myself to the buffet at Tang Dynasty, only to see that there was a busload of people there and they had just totally laid waste to the sushi/sashimi stations — which is my main reason for going there.

But I did eventually get much of what I wanted, and I leisurely ate while watching the first three innings of the World Series. (Which led to the burning question: What the hell was Ken Rosenthal doing wearing a bowtie of his own free will? Maybe he thought he looked distinguished, but I kept waiting for him to breakout and do The Mouse.)

And after three innings of a ballgame I wasn’t that interested in (my season ended when the Yankees were eliminated), this was my reward (bad grammar guaranteed verbatim):

“You will travel far and wide, both or pleasure and business.”

I hope so. An astrology site a friend turned me onto says Friday will be my luckiest day of the year, and the days leading up to it shouldn’t be too bad, either. I need a break from the bad Fresno air. It’s killing me.


One Response to “Love those fortune cookies, Part 17”

  1. brewsteru Says:

    Hope the stars are right.

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