Love those fortune cookies, Part 18

Well, whaddya know — a bonus fortune cookie fortune this week.

I think this one came out of my phone call yesterday afternoon from my pal Drew back home, and his mentioning our favorite Chinese joint, House of Chao in the Westville section of New Haven. And that always has me hankering for — more like lusting after — their steamed vegetable dumplings, with the most exquisite garlic sauce in the universe. (Were this the Middle Ages, some two countries would’ve fought the Garlic Wars …)

Anyway, it’s probably why I had a craving for pot stickers last night and ended up at Golden Dynasty in Fresno. It’s the Chinese restaurant the Chinese go to here, and, like downtown New Haven’s Royal Palace, it has the secret Chinese menu as well.

Anyway, since this is supposed to be my luckiest day of the year, as alluded to in my last fortune cookie post, how not-so-coincidental was my fortune last night?

“You will be coming into a fortune.”

I hope the wise men (or wiseguys) who write these things weren’t just referring to the fortune cookie fortune itself. Here’s to the accuracy of my fortune cookie fortune …


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