Five Songs, Part 54

Well, I have to start Five Songs this week with one of the most beautiful songs ever written, in honor of the finally! at last! release of an album that was started not long before I started kindergarten. That would be The Beach Boys’ “SMiLE.” Its release Tuesday, combined with the deluxe box set’s arrival on my doorstep that morning, made it a very merry early Christmas.

I’ll be spieling about it once I finish plowing through the five CDs of shards of sounds, but in the meanwhile, enjoy your weekend. And to my friends back home, may it be a lot warmer and a lot less snowy than last weekend:

Surf’s Up — The Beach Boys

Work That Dream — November Group

Ukiah — The Doobie Brothers

Don’t Monkey With Tarzan — The Pygmies

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby — Little Eva


2 Responses to “Five Songs, Part 54”

  1. jmucci Says:

    I just got the 2-CD version of “Smile” and I hope to be splurging for the whole shebang very soon… and yes, “Surf’s Up” is one of the most beautiful, haunting songs of all time.

    Btw… just got power back on after 6 freakin days of being in the cold and dark… thanks to the greedy incompetent CL&P. This is getting to be a regular occurence lately.

  2. jmucci Says:

    I’ve only been waiting 20 years for the original “Smile” to be released.

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