Five Songs, Part 55

Five Songs for this week — and I won’t hit you with any holiday stuff ’til next week — includes one you might never have heard unless you’re a doo-wop fiend.

Back in the early ’80s, when the doo-wop revival was at its peak, CBS had a short-lived label called Ambient Sound, featuring several revived ’50s/’60s vocal groups, including The Capris, The Mystics, The Jive Five and Randy & the Rainbows. And in this week’s list is The Mystics’ recording of a song written for them by Joey Ramone.

But first, some other bits of coolness to get you going again after you digest your dinner from yesterday. Enjoy the rest of this Thanksgiving weekend …

It Won’t Be Wrong — The Byrds

Come Spy With Me — The Miracles

Shake Some Action — Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents

Sweet City Woman — The Stampeders

Doreen Is Never Boring — The Mystics


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