Love those fortune cookies, Part 19

My friends Jay and Brooke are good-luck charms.

They were married back in September; an hour before the ceremony, I stopped at a Walgreens I don’t usually frequent (Blackstone and Clinton, Fresno) to buy a card. And since the boy in me always trolls for Hot Wheels, in the faint hope of finding an elusive Treasure Hunt car, I did just that. And, to my shock, I saw a card on the pegs with a green stripe down the right edge. It was a Treasure Hunt, all right. A gold ’62 Studebaker Avanti. Little pleasures.

And, on this third-to-last night of a weird and trying 2011, I found myself getting together with the two of them for the first time since the wedding, for a long-threatened trip to the Chinese/sushi buffet at Tang Dynasty.

We were oblivious to the Baylor-Washington bowl game on multiple screens and oblivious to everything else, too, save for the food. Two hours of conversation. Much fun.

And, once again stemming from them, good fortune. Literally.

As I’m looking forward to a much better 2012 than ’11, this is what came out when I cracked open my fortune cookie:

“Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.”

God, I’m hoping that means something positive. After all, “suitably rewarded” is a term with a lot of wiggle room — just like “interesting times.” I’ll assume it’s a good thing until the universe tells me otherwise. I need 2012 to start wonderfully and not let up.


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  1. Janet Koch Says:

    :} !!!!!

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