Five Songs, Part 65

Time for five new Five Songs. Well, maybe not new chronologically, but songs that have never made it to this space before. I think.

The leadoff spot this week goes to Blake Jones & the Trike Shop, who played an Arthop gig last night at Tokyo Garden in Fresno. Blake and his equally wonderful better half, Lauri, showered a straggler from the Northeast with hospitality and love, as always.

And one of the songs the group played was “Everybody’s Got an Andy Story,” from their 2010 album, “The Underground Garden.” Every music scene has that one person — living, dead or incapacitated — whom friends recall with outrageous stories years later.

True story about Andy, a punk from the early ’80s Fresno days. The opening story was from a Clash show in ’82 at the Wilson Theatre. Blake’s late brother, Brian, was a bigtime DJ at a commercial alternative FM station in town at the time, and Andy excitedly showed everyone at the show a Polaroid of him and Joe Strummer on Brian’s Vespa. Andy hasn’t been the same since an accident a few years back, but he occasionally gets out, as he did to see the CD release show.

So that was my unexpected springboard to this week’s installment. And the version here isn’t from the album; it’s from their performance last May at the Bull & Gate in London, as part of the annual International Pop Overthrow. Enjoy it — and the rest. Happy Friday:

Everybody’s Got an Andy Story — Blake Jones & the Trike Shop

You Baby — The Turtles

Tilt-A-Whirl — 1313 Mockingbird Lane

Save My Love for a Rainy Day — Marv Johnson

Goodbye Baby — Bob Brady & the Con Chords


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