Five Songs, Parts 71, 72 and 73

Well, with nearly two weeks of laptop hell finally finished — and my wife, HP, running like a race car — time to get back to the blog. And, hopefully, some writing. But first, time to catch up on Five Songs. Times three. And I take no responsibility for making you wide awake, or so jittery that you don’t need caffeine. Happy Friday:

Rollers Show — Nick Lowe

Rock’n’Roll Love Letter — The Records

I’ll Make It Up to You — The Road Runners

Heat Wave — The Who

Going Left Right — Department S

Chance of a Lifetime — Material Issue

Brave New World — Michael Penn

Friday on My Mind — The Easybeats

Since He’s Been Gone — The Brood

What Kind of Girl? — APB

I Can’t Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) — James Brown

Shell-Shock — New Order

Rumour Has It — Adele

I’m Gonna Love You — Edward Hamilton & the Arabians

Love and Loneliness — The Motors


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