Five Songs, Part 79

Hi. Friday comes around fast in these parts — I’m afraid it comes around faster the older you get — and time for the latest Five Songs.

Not much thought put into it — pretty much random selections from the mental jukebox, as usual — but a couple of the songs were closer to the surface.

Nils Logfren popped into my brain because I’ve had a couple discussions this past week about the ’70s and the lost art of the live album, and one of my favorite unsung albums ever, live or otherwise, is Nils’ double-LP Night After Night, from ’78. Since YouTube didn’t have the song I was looking for (the opening medley of “Take You to the Movies”/”Back It Up”), I dug up and earlier version of “Back It Up.”

And The Reducers aren’t close to the surface — they’re above it. Been playing my Redux CD over and over in the car about a week and a half now — partially because I’m getting down “Out of Step” to record with The Backstabbers for an upcoming tribute album to benefit The Reducers’ ailing bassist, Steve Kaika; partially because, well, does anyone need an excuse to play The Reducers, and loudly, in the car?

Go nuts. Enjoy the weekend:

Rock Me Baby — Sugar Pie DeSanto

Back It Up — Nils Lofgren

Brand New Cadillac — Vince Taylor & His Playboys

Bernadette — The Four Tops

Let’s Go — The Reducers


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2 Responses to “Five Songs, Part 79”

  1. It's Drew! Says:

    “Night After Night” is a classic, a great summation of Lofgren’s career to that point, and a fine example of how a live album can be sequenced to feel like an a event, an evening with an artist, not a tawdry greatest hits cash-in. And remember, cry tough.

  2. Jay Parks Says:

    Big Reducers fan. Glad to see Let’s Go here!

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