Five Songs, Part 80

Well, it’s a beautiful day — okay, it’s sunny, anyway; it’s always sunny in Fresno this time of year, but the air’s always crap — and it’s a Friday, and that means this week’s Five Songs.

As did everyone else these past few days, I got in my Duck Dunn and Donna Summer tributes the day of, so on to other things …

Started off with a quaint mix of old and new — The New Piccadillys, from Glasgow. If you remember The Kaisers from the mid-’90s — four clean-cut young lads from Edinburgh with the Cavern Club sound — well, this is the newest new-old band for guitarist George Miller (ne Kaiser George), and it’s been scorching the Interwebs. Considering this is their take on a band whose members took their common last name from a Beatles hotel alias, I think Joey Ramone woulda been proud.

And somewhere in there, I found the quad mix of Streisand’s “Stoney End” — one of her two Laura Nyro-written gems from 1970. Never heard the song like this before …

So that’s it. Go enjoy the sun — but make sure you slather yourself with sunscreen. And if you’re in Fresno, keep those oxygen masks handy …

Judy Is a Punk — The New Piccadillys

I Got a Line on You — Spirit

Minestrone — 10cc

Stoney End (Quad Mix) — Barbra Streisand

Another Girl, Another Planet — The Only Ones


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