Love those fortune cookies, Part 20

I haven’t sworn off Chinese food; hardly. But as 2011 ground its way down in to 2012 and the frustration about my life and job and financial situations began to escalate and batter down some of my last lines of defense, I started to glance at my fortunes, then toss them in my purse, where they magically disappear forever. I had started to believe that, despite my best hopes, these fortunes, however salient they seemed, were just full of crap and that I was deluding myself. Hence, this quasi-regular feature of my blog ground to a halt as well.

Well, after a rough couple weeks near the edge of the figurative cliff leading into my birthday, things seem to be on a positive upswing again. And this past week, I had two fortunes that resonated.

Last Monday, my birthday, I worked. And I stopped at my usual Chinese takeout place on the way in. And this is what I received:

“Luck is coming your way.”

Of course, I realize that could be taken more than one way. But since it was my birthday, and I spent much of the day fielding well-wishes and talking with loved ones, I took it the best way possible.

And tonight, I stopped in there again. And here’s what I got for my troubles and my seven bucks:

“You will conquer obstacles to achieve success.”

Honey, my whole last 4 1/2 years have been a series of obstacles!. Don’t tell me there are more!Actually, I’ll just chalk it up to bad grammar and mentally change the tense:

“You will have conquered obstacles to achieve success.”

Yeah — that’s more like it!

But this Year of the Water Dragon is nearly half over; I’m getting a little antsy here … I will be a success I will be a success I will be a success I will be a success I will be a success …


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