Five Songs, Part 88

So, Jimi … we have a soiree for the top brass this Saturday. You think you can get down “Never on Sunday” by then?

Hey. Starting to make heads or tails of the things I have to move home in a few weeks, and sorting out things here and there — plus starting to catch up with friends before the move home — so all I’ve had time to write this week is the latest installment of Five Songs.

It was an interesting Hendrix week; someone posted a photo of Jimi backstage before one of his shows opening for The Monkees; someone posted a photo of Jimi in his uniform playing guitar (a Danelectro! And no fringes on his jacket!) with the 82nd Airborne in 1962; someone else posted a radio aircheck from WKNR (Keener Radio) in Detroit in 1967 promoting the Experience’s first show in America opening for The Monkees; and a friend had surgery on one of her little wings this week. Add in temperatures in the upper 100s and a random song popping up on my laptop Wednesday night when it was still nearly 90 outside, and you have a weirder-than-usual Five Songs.

Anyway, here you go. And if you can either contribute to my mini-kickstarter of sorts to help me get home (by hitting that yellow button below), or steer me to a whom-you-know job lead, that would be wonderful. Hope you enjoy it:

Little Wing — Jimi Hendrix

The Jimi Hendrix Experience opens for The Monkees — WKNR aircheck (Scott Regan)

Jingle Bell Rock — Bobby Helms

Nothing Happens Here but You (live from The Infernal Racket Show, Feb. 18, 2008) — Tracie Young

I Should Have Known Better — The Beatles

Desiree — Hoodoo Gurus


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