Five Songs, Parts 90-91

In a frenzy unrivaled until Ethel Merman’s disco single, even Lurch had his own ’60s dance.

Hi. This will be an extended Five Songs to make up for missing last week, between packing for my impending move and having to run out and buy a new laptop last Friday.

And guess what? I learned something new/old. Insatiable TV junkie as I was as a kid, I always loved “Makin’ With the Magilla,” from a 1965 Magilla Gorilla short at the height of the surf craze. Never gave any thought as to the artist(s) who recorded it. Now I know. And now you’ll know — and as a bonus, I included both the cartoon version and a better-sound-quality version.

Not sure whether this is the building anxiety about the move in a week and a half or just the caffeine. But if you’re not digging these, have someone check your pulse.

BTW: If you feel like sending a loan or a donation (specify which) to defray the big move, I won’t stop you. There’s a PayPal donate button below:

Makin’ With the MagillaLittle Eva (From Magilla Gorilla)

The Lurch — Ted Cassidy

A Love So Deep Inside — The Velvelettes

She Is So — A Craze

David Watts — The Kinks

Pizza Pie — Norman Fox & the Rob Roys

Crash — The Primitives

What Do I Get? — The Buzzcocks

At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama) — The El Dorados

The Animal Speaks — The Golden Palominos w/John Lydon


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