Five Songs, Part 92 (the going-home edition)

Not dwelling on Five Songs too much this week, as I have a lot more I want to do before I pack up the Penske and take the big move back to Connecticut three days from now. But I did have a few songs kicking in my mind the past three weeks to go with the usual spontaneous clutter, so, in fine Five Songs tradition, this week’s list is more than five — try 15. And with 3,000 miles in front of me, I’m gonna need — and carry in the truck — a lot more than 15.

And chances are you’ll never see this assortment of people even mentioned in the same place again.

So here you go — last musical transmission from Fresno. See ya on the flipside, good buddy!

Homeward Bound — Simon & Garfunkel

Roadrunner — The Modern Lovers

Roadrunner — Sex Pistols

Wind Out — R.E.M.

I’m a Road Runner — Bo Diddley

You Can’t Catch Me — Chuck Berry

Route 66 — The Rolling Stones

Behind the Wheel/Route 66 — Depeche Mode

Back to My Roots — RuPaul

After Midnight — J.J. Cale

Through the Night — Peter Zaremba’s Love Delegation

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn — Beastie Boys

Six Days on the Road — Dave Dudley

I’m Going Home (at Woodstock) — Ten Years After

I’m Going Home (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show) — Tim Curry


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