Love those fortune cookies, Part 21

Well, I made one last sojourn for Chinese food last night at the place on which I often relied for dinner during my Fresno Bee copy desk days: Happy Star, on the southwest edge of the Tower. (Sesame chicken and broccoli combo with noodles and an order of pot stickers — not in the same class as House of Chao in Westville in New Haven, but it’ll do.)

And I came away with not one, but two fortune cookies on my final stop. And both were kinda, well, they kinda said something.

The first:

“There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead of you.”

Well, with my going-away party today and the move starting Monday, there certainly is. Or maybe the thrill happens once I get home; who knows? But there’s a double-entendre here, as Prospect happens to be the name of the town where I grew up … and where I’ll be staying with my parents for the time being.

The other one?

“You will succeed in making a small fortune by investing in a business project.”

Maybe the business project will be my eventual book. Or the lottery tickets I bought last night for a week’s worth of drawings. This could be fun. But at this point, I could use a small fortune, as if most of us can’t …

But anyway, a couple of good fortunes by which to leave Fresno …


One Response to “Love those fortune cookies, Part 21”

  1. Tiger Wiese Jones Says:

    Fabulous!!! Sounds like you’re in alignment – it’s the little things, the signs, the hints – support along the way…you’re on the right track!

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