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Love Those Fortune Cookies, Part 22

September 27, 2012

It took long enough, but I broke down and treated myself to a Chinese buffet tonight for the first time since my move home. (When you’re on the ol’ austerity budget, 10 bucks is a splurge. Woo hoo!) But I was out at my radio station, WPKN, much of the day, and my mom wasn’t gonna be around for dinner, so I fended for myself.

Anyway, the Hibachi Grill in Orange was better — and, in a surprise — cheaper — than the Chinese buffets in Fresno. But one thing remains constant: fortune cookies that, despite their inherent vagaries, speak directly to something pertinent in my life.

And as the cookie crumbled, I pulled out the little slip of paper, and it read:

“Good writing is clear thinking made visible.”

Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to finish even the first installment of the long trip home — I’m not thinking clearly. Or maybe I’m just a shitty writer and won’t admit it to myself.

What’s clear is that things certainly aren’t clear right now. On a lot of fronts. And that fortune cookies are universal, regardless of location.


Five Songs, Part 95

September 14, 2012

Stark Raving Lulu — putting twentysomethings to shame since 2010.

After a week off for good behavior, back to Five Songs.

Totally flying on Spontaneous Airlines this week. And including my first local act since coming back to Connecticut — inspired by appearing on Rob DeRosa’s Connecticut Homegrown show yesterday on WESU, Wesleyan University’s radio station in Middletown. Rob played this cut by Stark Raving Lulu — four cool chicas, some of whom I’ve known since the Grotto days in New Haven in the mid-’80s. Someone forgot to tell them you’re supposed to get old once you reach 50. Thank God. I hadn’t heard the disc before — sounds great!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and the dwindling days of summer …

Been to Canaan — Carole King

Detroit City — Bobby Bare

Big Man — Stark Raving Lulu

Wrong Again (Let’s Face It) — Rockpile

It Won’t Be Long — The Beatles