Love those fortune cookies, Part 23

So the parents went to dinner the other night and left their grownup kid to fend for herself, so she headed off to a Chinese buffet again. Since I’m in the process of dropping weight, I swear I won’t make this a habit. Besides, I need to leave room for my favorite Chinese joint, House of Chao in Westville — where I haven’t been yet since the move home, but I do need to have my fix of steamed vegetable dumplings, cold sesame noodles and eggplant with garlic sauce very soon …

Anyway, what has become a habit is me ending up with fortune cookie fortunes that seem to have some bearing on my current state. And this seems to be the case regardless of the geographic state — California, Connecticut, whatever.

And as I was in the midst of battling these lingering feelings of isolation I’m experienced since I’ve been home, wouldn’t it just figure that this one landed on my table with my bill?

It’s not a prediction; it’s a statement about me. And I’m sure this’ll open up some cosmic can of worms:

“Everybody feels lucky to have you as a friend.”

That’s a doozy. A real stunner to me. Don’t know why the universe felt compelled to send me that message, but here it is. Wish I felt that way …


One Response to “Love those fortune cookies, Part 23”

  1. Gail Griffin (@ggriffin411) Says:

    The fortune cookie is correct.

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