WPKN Playlist 10/11/12: Another Thursday, another fill-in

Well, WPKN is in the thick of its fall fundraising, and that means another call to the bullpen (it’s playoff season — humor me here). And thus, the babealicious blonde righthander came driving in from the bullpen for the 1-4 p.m. shift and did her damndest to put out the fire. Actually, in the case of fundraising, to start a fire.

And joining me in pitching, from the PKN tally room, was my old pal Harry Minot, the former PKN general manager with the impeccably sonorous tones. Just like old times — from my starting the show with the official Franoama 2.0 national anthem; to my torturing him with King Uszniewicz; to his using his standard mnemonic for remembering the station’s pledge line (203-384-9756): “Have you ever DUG-WPKN?”

(And also joining me for a short while on mic, pitching the new Stones GRRR box set and Johnny Winter album as pledge premia, was the current GM, Steve Di Costanzo. And there I was, filling in for the ailing last GM, Peter Bochan. Go figure …)

The economy is supposedly recovering, but trying to raise money sometimes can be a real beeyotch. And despite our best efforts — which included me playing the new Stones single, “Doom and Gloom,” and my version of “Out of Step” with The Backstabbers from the Reducers tribute album — it was a real struggle to get the phones to ring. But I did have friends check in (yes, sometimes Facebook can be a good thing), and that’s a reward unto itself.

Actually, the real reward came afterward. I met Cheryl, who took over for Harry at the tally desk, and we got to talking for quite a while after my shift ended. She was interested in hearing my wild story, and she said something interesting when I told her about the struggles with the job hunt in recent years: “You’re not meant to work a regular job. You have a story to tell, and that’s what you’re supposed to do — write your story.”

Still working on regaining my religion. But she’s right.

Anyway, chances are I’ll probably end up on the air again sooner than later. Meanwhile, if you can, please give to the WPKN of your choice, and generously.


American Beat ’84 — The Fleshtones

Don’t Do Nothing I Wouldn’t Do — Connie Van Dyke

Village of Love — Nathaniel Mayer & the Fabulous Twilights

Young Folks — Peter, Bjorn & John

Good Love Gone Bad — The Ambassadors


Doo Wah Diddy Diddy — King Uszniewicz & the Uszniewicztones


Out of Step — Fran Fried w/The Backstabbers

Social End Product — The Bluestars

Cath — The Bluebells

Down at the Nightclub — The Creeps


Wah-Hey — The A-Bones

Sun Up — Blake Jones & the Trike Shop

I Need You — The Beatles

The Train From Kansas City — Neko Case

Precious to Me — Phil Seymour


96 Tears — ? and the Mysterians

Vehicle — The Ides of March

Happy — The Rolling Stones

Doom and Gloom — The Rolling Stones

T-Bone Shuffle — Johnny Winter w/Sonny Landreth

Come Back Baby — Johnny Winter w/John Medeski


I Say a Little Prayer — Aretha Franklin

Don’t Pity Me — Joanie Sommers

This Could Be the Night — Modern Folk Quartet

In the Twilight Zone — The Astors

No Reasons to Complain — The Alarm Clocks

Open the Door to Your Heart — Darrell Banks

Crazy Baby — The Coasters


Stop Beating Around the Bush — The Velvelettes

Funnel of Love (original 1961 version) — Wanda Jackson

She Lives (in a Time of Her Own) — Roky Erickson

This is the Day — Ivy


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One Response to “WPKN Playlist 10/11/12: Another Thursday, another fill-in”

  1. Drew Cucuzza Says:

    I’ve never met Cheryl, but she is wise. And I’m glad you agree with her!

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