Five Songs, Part 97 (special no-‘Monster Mash’ Hallowe’en edition)

Your hostess as Madonna (Susan version), Hallowe’en 1986, The Grotto, New Haven.

Okay, I’ll get into the holiday spirit, even though I don’t do the Hallowe’en thing anymore. (After several years in drag — most notably the Susan-version Madonna in ’86, when I won the costume contest at the Grotto in New Haven and was hit on by more women than any other night in my life — every day is a wonderful Hallowe’en when you’re trans and out.) And even though there are quite a few places here in the Northeast whose holiday has been horribly interrupted by Sandy.

The only self-imposed rule (which I can break whenever I want, but I donlt feel like it): No “Monster Mash.” No slag against the late Mr. Pickett (Bobby, that is), but asking a deejay to play “Monster Mash” at Hallowe’en is like asking the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to play “When the Saints Go Marching In” (especially as the Saints go limping in, as they’re doing this year).

So here you go — no way is it the definitive Halloween anything, but it’s 31 songs for 31 days of October. (Well, actually, 32, considering I couldn’t make up my mind between two versions of one song.) Trick or treat!

The Lurch — Ted Cassidy

Screaming Skull — The Fleshtones

Partytime — 45 Grave

Godzilla — Blue Oyster Cult

Frankenstein — The Edgar Winter Group

Dig It Up — Hoodoo Gurus

VIX noelopaN — yawA eM ekaT ot gnimoC er’yehT

The Prey — Dead Kennedys

I Put a Spell on You — Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Iron Man — Black Sabbath

Bela Lugosi’s Dead — Bauhaus

Nosferatu — Blue Oyster Cult

The Killing Moon — Echo & the Bunnymen

Psycho Killer — Talking Heads

Witch Queen of New Orleans — Redbone

Freaks Come out at Night — Whodini

Goo Goo Muck — Ronnie Cook & the Gaylads

Human Fly/Teenage Werewolf — The Cramps

Night of the Sadist — Larry & the Blue Notes

All Black and HairyScreaming Lord Sutch and The Gravedigger V

The Blob — The Five Blobs

Midnight Monster Hop — Jack & Jim

13 Ghosts — Marshmallow Overcoat

If You Have Ghosts — Roky Erickson

I Was a Teenage Zombie — The Fleshtones

Purple People Eater — Sheb Wooley

Two-Headed Sex Change — The Cramps

Butcher Baby — The Plasmatics

Munsters — Comateens

Halloween — The Misfits

Halloween — Dead Kennedys


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2 Responses to “Five Songs, Part 97 (special no-‘Monster Mash’ Hallowe’en edition)”

  1. Jay Parks Says:

    This is easily the best Halloween play list I’ve ever seen. +10 points for “Dig it Up”!

  2. walter Says:

    you know, I sort of thought you may drop by on Halloween seeing as we had a history of Halloween sightings…sad…Walter BCR

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