Love those fortune cookies, Part 23

Well, I keep hoping that each of these fortune-cookie fortunes will come true, or at least point me closer to where I’m going. I get some many of these fortunes that seem particularly relevant to my life that one of them has to totally come true. Right?

Take this one from last night from the Hibachi Grill in Orange. A crowded house on a Sunday night (I’m guessing with people who, like me, had a feeling the Giants would lose to the Steelers and didn’t want to see it). I had the only table-for-one in the whole place. And I got a deformed cookie whose fortune was crinkled into the crimp of the plastic wrap.

And when I unraveled the part of the slip of paper that survived, this is what it said:

“A beautiful, smart, and loving woman will be entering into your life.”

At my most optimistic moments this year, I’ve been telling myself, “Money happens, the job happens, love happens.” The job seems so close now that I can taste it. Maybe, just maybe, this is all finally starting to fall into place?


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