Five Songs, Part 104

45misentoDec. 29, 2012

Time for Five Songs to blow off this bizarre, haywire, anguish-filled year of great change. Hopefully, what so many misread as the Mayan apocalypse is actually the end of a strange era, just a table-setter for the start of things evening out and reverting to some sense of normality.

(Grammar Bitch interjecting here: It’s “normality,” not “normalcy.” That was a grammatical error foisted on America in the 1920 presidential campaign by Warren Harding, who ran on a “Return to Normalcy” campaign after Wilson and the Great War. Imagine — a onetime newspaper editor who saddled us with bad English en route to what was, until Cheney, the worst presidency in American history. And nearly a century later, people are still getting it wrong in droves.)

Anyway, I snuck a couple of these Five Songs onto my Facebook wall yesterday to honor the birthdays of Shangri-Las lead voice Mary Weiss (now 64) and Box Tops/Big Star voice Alex Chilton (who would’ve been 62). The Box Tops one, with Chilton rasping “Cry Like a Baby” en italiano, is pretty hard to find; I have it on a long-deleted Rhino Best of the Box Tops LP from the ’80s, but it’s never been released digitally, far as I know.

Go blow off some steam. Enjoy these Five Songs-plus and do what I do at the stroke of midnight every January 1 — yell “ONWARD!”

Out in the Streets — The Shangri-Las

Cry About the Radio — Mary Weiss

Mi Sento Felice — The Box Tops

Dalai Lama — Alex Chilton

Pretty Girl — The Bugs

Little Town Flirt — Altered Images

Time to Change — The Brady Bunch


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