Cygnus Radio playlist, 2/22/13: Iiiiiin myyyy roooooom …

Yeah, that's what I look like without coffee. In the bedroom -- I mean, the studio -- for the first show.

Yeah, that’s what I look like without coffee. In the bedroom — I mean, the studio — for the first show.

Feb. 22, 2013

To listen to the mp3 archive file of the show, click here.

The world will little note, nor long remember, what we did here … but it was a hell of a lot of fun.

It took a couple of go-rounds with the software the past week — and there were a couple of glitches during the show, such as songs disappearing from the play queue instead of cueing up to play, but I didn’t tell you that — but after 22 years of terrestrial radio (plus streaming the last three or four years) at WPKN in Bridgeport, my Franorama 2.0 show made its online debut the final Friday of February on Cygnus Radio. (I’m still doing fill-ins at PKN, though.)

This was a few months in the making. I’ve known Gary Vollono, aka Gary Gone, who runs the station, since the manager of the mail room at the New Haven Register (when it still printed its own papers) and I was the entertainment editor music writer. He would get a hold of me sometimes as I was heading from the composing room (remember those, ex-jourmalists?) back to the newsroom and talk tunes. Anyway, Gary has built himself a nice little indie label called IndepenDisc, and he started doing his online show here while I was in exile in California, and now he runs the show, and when I moved home, he asked me if I was interested in doing a show. And here we are.

Gotta tell you — the weirdest part of the whole inaugural show was the best. I did the show from bed — well, not under the covers; I was sitting on top of a made bed — but still, I was doing radio from my bedroom. When I started at WPKN, who knew the technology would one day be available to not only not need an actual radio transmitter, but to do a full show off a laptop computer in my room? And without a single record or CD? Yep — I have thousands of songs right here on this here laptop. Technology sucks a lot, but sometimes it’s kinda fun.

I did the show with no coffee, and I looked like a wreck, and while I wasn’t quite a wreck beneath the airwaves, I was a little bit tense, as will happen with something new. But, aside from needing to work on adjusting my voice levels, I think it went well. And I paid tribute to the memory of the legendary Shadow Morton with a set of Shangri-Las, plus the 2007 album by their lead singer, Mary Weiss (with The Reigning Sound), and Neko Case doing her killer version of one of their best tunes.

And it can only go up from here. I hope.

Anyway, if you like what you hear, please tell your friends and loved ones. We’re trying to grow the station. If you’re on the East Coast, it’s a great substitute for coffee. If you’re on the West Coast, it’s your Friday-morning kick in the ass out of bed. And if you’re over in Europe, it makes for great music leading into dinner.

Here’s what I played for openers. Plenty more where that came from — especially as I get the energy up to dig into my storage space and rip some CDs into this machine here. Anyway, have fun …


American Beat ‘84 — The Fleshtones

Hello There — Cheap Trick

Monk Chant — The Monks

Let’s Go — The Reducers

Roadrunner — The Modern Lovers

Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart — The Supremes

Slow Motion — Blondie

Brother Sun — Radiana

The Kids Are Alright — The Who


Long Hot Summer Coming On — Black 47

Oh Honey! — Gloria Wood

The Reels — Black 47

Potato Hole — Booker T. w/the Drive-By Truckers

Hey Ya — Booker T. w/the Drive-By Truckers


You Better Tell Me Now — The Double Naught Spys

Love and War — Lee Rogers

Walking with Mr. Lee — Lee Allen

Mr. Lee — The Bobettes

Ca Plane Pour Moi — Plastic Bertrand

Wild Moose Party — The Cosmopolitans

Chicks Dig It — The Big Fat Combo

It Was a Very Good Year — The Big Fat Combo


Don’t Press Your Luck — The Shags

The Cradle Did Rock — Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez

I Can Only Give You Everything — The Bram Rigg Set

I Ain’t Particular — Johnnie Taylor

Hey Sah-Lo-Ney — Mickey Lee Lane


Remember (Walking in the Sand) — The Shangri-Las

Leader of the Pack — The Shangri-Las

Give Him a Great Big Kiss — The Shangri-Las

Right Now and Not Later — The Shangri-Las

I Can Never Go Home Again — The Shangri-Las

Cry About the Radio — Mary Weiss

Don’t Come Back — Mary Weiss

Stop and Think It Over — Mary Weiss

Train From Kansas City – Neko Case

Out in the Streets — The Shangri-Las


Forestiere Garden — Blake Jones & the Trike Shop

The Last Time (from Charlie Is My Darling) — The Rolling Stones

Route 66 (from Charlie Is My Darling) — The Rolling Stones

The Beat (from Live at the El Mocambo) — Elvis Costello & the Attractions

She Can’t Dance — Marshall Crenshaw


Little Wild One (From That Thing You Do) — The Wonders


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