Cygnus Radio and WPKN playlists, 5/17/13: I got (algo)rithm

Ernie Banks was right -- it was a wonderful day to play two.

Ernie Banks was right — it was a wonderful day to play two.

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Well, this past Friday, for the first time, I did radio shows on two different stations on the same day — the Franorama 2.0 Double-Duty Day-Night Doubleheader. First, my regular 10 a.m.-1 p.m. shift from the comfort of home on Cygnus Radio, then down to Bridgeport for a 4-7 p.m. fill-in on WPKN. Howard Thompson, the host of the regularly scheduled show, Pure — and a longtime big-label record executive — trusted my musical tastes (thanks for the endorsement), to let me take the reins.

Anyway, it was exhausting but fun. I think I swept both ends of the doubleheader. And the day wasn’t just fun, it left me feeling a little optimistic at a time when I desperately need optimism.

The Cygnus show, now on the air three months, is still a fledging show on an upstart station, and understandably, the audience is small for now. But a funny thing happened just past the first half hour — the number of listeners jumped 2 1/2 times, then it tripled, and withing five minutes, it had quadrupled. (I have the analytics right there on the screen as I play.) And I kept about two-thirds of that audience for the rest of the show.

This had to be a glitch, right? A spam attack or something? An undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese? Well, no. I texted our fearless leader, Gary Gone, to ask about this, and he explained: However the Apple algorithems work — and who knows how these damn things work? — someone at iTunes apparently labeled my show as a must-listen, which prompted huge the jump in listeners all of a sudden.

Coolness! I’m hoping this is the door opening just a crack enough for the flood to start rushing in. I need something to happen! I’m hoping the people who came and stayed will tell their friends, who, in turn, will tell their friends, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …

Anyway, a couple musical highlights of the day:

The Outta Sites (both shows): Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague, who made a sideways appearance in a blog post here a couple weeks ago, is one of the hardest-working musicians I know: longtime drummer/second guitarist for

Chris Sprague (second from left) fronting The Outta Sites.

Chris Sprague (second from left) fronting The Outta Sites.

Deke Dickerson … has been playing drums for Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys (who came to Cafe Nine in New Haven the previous weekend) … behind the kit for Los Straitjackets (who come to Cafe Nine June 10) … and now, he fronts his own band, The Outta Sites. Their newly released debut album, Up All Night, is a killer. Think one part Dave Clark Five, one part That Thing You Do, one part Nuggets and Pebbles collections, throw in the atmosphere of the mid-’60s L.A. club scene, and you get the picture.

Jonathan Richman and The Velvet Underground (WPKN): An old friend, Lauren, who lives and works around Hartford, messaged me on the Book of Faces the night before to ask if I could play the Velvets. I started, at long last, pulling boxes of CDs from my storage space to rip into this laptop that serves as my radio station and traveling music library. But I haven’t found my Velvets box set yet. Anyway, I did find one VU song, but not until after I steered her to Jonathan Richman, the onetime VU groupie, singing “Velvet Underground” … and one of our mutual faves, “Double Chocolate Malted” (No nuts! No nuts!), and, for good measure, The Groovie Ghoulies playing a Jonathan song.

Well, that’s enough for now. Back to a single Cygnus shift this Friday, leading into the holiday weekend. Please drop in and give a listen. And if you like what you hear, tell your friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends. And “like” my Franorama 2.0/Franorama World Facebook page. And if you’re so inclined to help out financially, there’s a PayPal button at the end of each blog post.  Anyway, catch you this Friday!



American Beat ’84 — The Fleshtones

First I Look at the Purse – The Contours

She Got Soul – The dB’s

Come Anytime – Hoodoo Gurus

Hello – Hannah Cranna

Hello Again – Groovie Ghoulies

Falling Away – Richard X. Heyman

Backstreet – Edwin Starr

Makes No Sense at All – Husker Du


Shake All Night – The Outta Sites

Your Time Has Come – The Outta Sites

Jezebel – Frankie Laine

Jezebel – The Teddy Boys

Jezebel – The Lyres

Jezebel – The Outta Sites

What a Girl Can’t Do – The Hangmen

What a Girl Can’t Do – The Lyres

What a Girl Can’t Do – The Outta Sites


Hollywood Swingin’ – Big Boys

We Got Soul – Big Boys

What Kind of Girl – APB

I’ll Make It Up to You – The Road Runners

Let’s Spend the Night Together – The Rolling Stones

Do I Love You – The Ronettes

All Hail to the Sucker Queen – Stark Raving Lulu

Teenarama – The Records


In Jim’s Garage – Brute Force

To Sit on a Sandwich – Brute Force

Tapeworm of Love – Brute Force

Over the Moon – Radiana

Juke Box Music – The Kinks

I’ll Keep Holding On – The Marvelettes

Slow Down – Larry Williams

He’s a Whore – Big Black


Don’t Drop Out – Dolly Parton,

So You Think You’re in Love – Robyn Hitchcock

She’s Lost Control – Joy Division

Looking for Lewis & Clark – The Long Ryders

I Took My Baby Home – The Kinks

The One You Can’t Have – The Honeys

Drivin’ Me Mad – The Three Degrees

Lookin’ for Clues – Jenny Dee & Several Men of Mystery

Psychotic Reaction – Brenton Wood


February’s Quiet – Big Star

I Know There’s an Answer – The Beach Boys

It Was a Very Good Year – The Big Fat Combo

I Live for Cars and Girls – The Dictators

Stop Beating Around the Bush – The Velvelettes

Frenzy – The Wailers

Big Beat Strong – The Woggles

Let’s Dance – Ramones


So Long Baby Goodbye – The Blasters



American Beat ’84 — The Fleshtones

Expressway to Your Heart — The Soul Survivors

Train Kept a Rollin’ — The Cynics

Wild Hockey Weekend — The Zambonis

Walkin’ — The Squires

Why — The Byrds

Why — The Dirty Wurds

Tryin’ My Best — The Double Naught Spys

Liar Liar — Debbie Harry

‘Cause I Said So — The Godfathers


Big Man — Stark Raving Lulu

10-5-50 — The Long Ryders

You’re Ready Now — Frankie Valli

Twenty-Five Miles — Edwin Starr

Out in the Streets Again — Candy and the Kisses

Me Right Now — The Remains


Double Chocolate Malted — Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers

Velvet Underground — Jonathan Richman

Dancing Late at Night — The Groovie Ghoulies

Rock and Roll — The Velvet Underground

Your Love — Lou Reed

Baby Come Back — The Equals

Baby Come Back — The Reducers

Uptight (Everything’s Alright) — Stevie Wonder


Guess I’m Dumb — Glen Campbell

Tonight — The Raspberries

Killer Joe — The Rocky Fellers

Soul’s on Fire — Tracie Young

She Is So — A Craze

Crosseyed and Painless — Talking Heads


Makin’ With the Magilla — Little Eva

Go Go Gorilla — The Ideals

Go Gorilla — The Shandells

Flash and Crash — Rocky & the Riddlers

Mustang Ford — Marc Bolan

The Power of the 45 (Pt. 1) — Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys


Shake All Night — The Outta Sites

One Track Mind — The Outta Sites

That Thing You Do — The Wonders

Little Wild One — The Wonders

Judy Is a Punk — The New Piccadillys

Anyway You Want It — The Dave Clark Five


I’ll Never Say Goodbye — The Vontastics


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3 Responses to “Cygnus Radio and WPKN playlists, 5/17/13: I got (algo)rithm”

  1. jmucci Says:

    Fran, I think
    you meant to say “Shake All Night”… not “Up All Night”… by The Outta Sites.

  2. Jay Says:

    Don’t say that Fran. You’ll get hired again. I finally sorta got “hired.” After 12 1/2 years away from Travelers Insurance, I have now been back there on and off (as a temp) since last October. I should have never left there in the first place. When I left there in Feb. 2000, I thought I was making the right move and instantly regretted it. I had no idea it would set off a chain of events that would see the next decade (my entire 30s) which were mostly a write-off, in a lot of ways. By the end of 2000, my marriage was over and my job problems had begun, that have continued to this day, and I had no idea that the decade would grow progressively worse (relationships, jobs, etc). Anyhow, after a 12 year detour, I feel like I’m finally starting to head in the right direction again. If only I can find the right woman again… and maybe give marriage another try, and fatherhood (before I get too much older). So this assignment will last until November, and I’m hoping I will get hired permanently at that point, which would give me back my vacation time (where I left off in 2000). So anyhow, don’t give up Fran. I hope that the move back home has started to reverse your fortunes. There is no way they can keep a great writer down forever. By the way, I hadn’t heard “She Got Soul” in a long time… so it was great hearing that song again. Wow! That song should have been a big hit in a perfect alternate world. Some great choices in this broadcast!! Take care Fran….. Jay

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