Love those fortune cookies, Part 27

fortune20cookieI’m guessing this is a going-back-to-work gift.

I came down to Orange to do some writing before I head home early, go to bed early and wake up godawfully early to head to Manhattan to start my first day on what I hope is my first steady job in four-plus years.

As a mini-celebration, I stopped at Shanghai Gourmet, across the street from here, to pick up a little dinner. And with my meal came a bonus fortune cookie.

And wouldn’t you know that both fortunes are pertinent to my situation? Well, at least one of them. This one, I hope, is a prelude to something that turns into something wonderful:

“One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes.”

The other, I hope, is a summation of all I’ve been through these nearly four-and-a-half years, five-and-a-half if you count the little gender trip:

“Those who endure most are rewarded the most.”

And there are some out there who have endured a lot longer, believe me. And I hope for much, much better for them soon, like yesterday.

But I do also realize that I’ve also been clueless most of my life about people admiring me. That one could certainly be true and I wouldn’t know it.

Oh well, back to writing …


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