Love those fortune cookies, Part 28

fortune20cookieWell, I guess the timing of this one is pretty good — though I seem to have heard this before.

If you believe in the whole Mercury-in-retrograde thang — which supposedly impacts us Geminis, and Virgos, more than anyone else — well, tonight is the night we come out of the third and final one of these frustrating and aggravating phases this calendar year.

It has, indeed, been a frustrating period — dozens of resumes out since the start of my last layoff with nothing to show for them, a car that’s been a little screwy of late, some emotional strains that come with the double-whammy of joblessness and a mother who’s been in the hospital. So something has to change, right?



So this evening, I ordered takeout from the Golden Wok, the Chinese place up the street from me. And I shouldn’t be surprised about getting messages such as this at this point:

“The path is getting easier from here on out. Luck is helping.”

I mean, I’ll believe it when I see it, but any word of encouragement at this point is greatly appreciated. Let’s see if a job materializes this week.


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One Response to “Love those fortune cookies, Part 28”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Yes Fran, keep up the good work! I Applies for 11 jobs last nite after working my part time gig which I am trying to convert to a FT one…hard…Silicon Valley has decimated the newspaper business so I switched to high tech. 17 years as Ad Manager at Washinftonian MagaIne in DC, 2 in radio, 1 at a newspaper then it closed! Also a sleep apnea survivor got the CPAP machine after my old gfriend kicked me outta bed for Loud snoring. Men gotta take care of ourselves now, women not going to take the noise anymore. But our health is way better off for it. Take care and peace…u will be successfully employed and “I will see you at the top!” Tell me whose small quote that is and the first beer is on me!

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