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WPKN Playlist, 2/14/13: The ambivalent-about-love fill-in

February 18, 2013

Cheryl valentineFeb. 18, 2013

For the third Thursday in a row, Franorama 2.0 made a fill-in appearance on WPKN as Binnie Klein wrapped up her bout with the flu. And enough blizzard snow had been removed to make the streets of Bridgeport passable, even if just one lane. And the temperature was in the 40s. And this time, the hometown Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t screw up my drive-thru order. Guess that made for a good morning.

Three themes developed in the course of the two-hour show:

The start of the show, at 10 on the dot, marked six months to the minute my friend Alexis and I pulled out of Fresno in the rental truck to begin the trip home.

The final set included a tribute to Slim Dunlap, the replacement Replacement. Sharon, my Facebook friend from Minneapolis, had sent me a link the day before telling me that the mayor had proclaimed Feb. 14 Bob “Slim” Dunlap Day. Slim’s been battling some serious health problems the last year or two, and with no insurance, and it warranted Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson reuniting to record a Replacements record — the Songs for Slim EP, sold by auction, raised thousands. Unfortunately, no one had converted their copies into a YouTube file yet — I’m guessing no one wants to play a record they spent hundreds for — but I did offer up one Slim song and two ‘Mats classics.

And then there was the short but vast middle. It was Feb. 14, after all. To me, Valentine’s Day is a day where the single people are either wanting to be in love or too bitter to go through it again, and the couples are going through the motions of this fabricated ritual, and stressing out over cards and flowers and gifts and dinner reservations, because of some sense of obligation dictated by greeting card companies.

This single, who now is firmly convinced that dates are only dried fruits grown in Mediterranean climates, went ripping through a first Valentine’s set about the downside of love. And then I got an unexpected valentine.

The lovely Miss Cheryl, aka one of the dearest friends I’ve never met, and another of the many who had no reason to celebrate this day — posted a virtual valentine to my Facebook wall. It was an old-school kids’ valentine from the ’30s or ’40s — long before every kids’ valentine pack had to be a damned licensed product tie-in — and it made me go “Aw, garshk” and blush like Popeye. And really? Deep down? I actually am a bit of a romantic but have shut down that part of my life for far too long. So I tempered the second set a shade or two — from downright anti-love to ambivalence. It’s the little things, y’know?

Anyway, I’m not sure if or when I’ll be on again. I’m at the mercy of my job hunt and other people’s schedule tie-ups. But this should hold you ’til then …